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The Chance Jugend Ferry

Committed companies and citizens open up future opportunities for young people.

A real "Bamberg project" for and with disadvantaged young people under the leadership of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

The idea of the citizens' association Mitte to create a transport connection between "Mühlwörth" (at Schleuse 100) and the Villa Concordia is as ingenious as it is simple: A pedestrian ferry

This ferry replaces a pedestrian bridge that, until 1960, connected the island town with the mountain area and is a better solution from an aesthetic and urban planning point of view than the construction of a new pedestrian bridge. Many Bamberg citizens, associations, authorities, craft businesses, companies, foundations and experts from youth welfare are involved in the implementation, realization and operation of the ferry. 


During operating hours, the ferry shuttles from one bank to the other at very short intervals if necessary. Force majeure excludes claims for damages.

Seasonal operation

Ferry times: April to October inclusive

Daily operation

Tuesday – Sunday: 10.30 a.m. – 8.30 p.m., at the latest by nightfall

Closed on Mondays or only special trips that have been registered.

Subject to change.


  • Day tourism in the city of Bamberg
  • Special guided tours in cooperation with the Bamberger Tourismus & Kongress Service
  • Special boat trips with kindergartens and schools (environmental education projects, historical lessons)
  • Cultural events in cooperation with the Künstlerhaus

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