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WE ARE THE WORLD - this "Hymn" inspires us:


The Chance Jugend Foundation believes in changing the world through doing. The main aim is to support young people in preparing for a professional future. With energy, empathy and courage we set goals, help and implement projects. Anyone who wants to get involved is welcome! Let's do it, it's possible.

That's what it's about: Opportunity for youth, Opportunity through youth, Opportunity for youth.

At the same time, the foundation wants to make people aware that young people are also an opportunity for the older generation. The name of the foundation appeals to young people to accept and use their opportunities themselves.

"It's about helping people to help themselves"

Education is the essential building block for this. The aim is to give disoriented young people a perspective and a self-determined life.

Among other things, the Chance Jugend Foundation supports children in Africa. But it is just as important to help in Germany. We have poor children too. The fight against poverty is sometimes a Sisyphean task. A lot of what you do is just a drop in the ocean, but when many people pitch in, you can achieve a lot.