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Erich Kästner puts it in a nutshell: There is nothing good, unless you do it. That is our mission statement, too. We want to make, move & change! Our commitment is not a matter of the white sheet, we like the concrete and work on our projects.

The scope of our projects is large. At the top there are projects to help young people. But we also want to announce our ideas, our projects in public and attract supporters! Help is good. Join the team!

Young minors who have left their homes and fled hunger, war and persecution or natural disasters and have arrived here are disadvantaged and at risk in many respects. These young people need special support. They need people in this country who will take care of them and accompany them. Integration sponsors - is a joint project of Dr. Ursula Schmid-Kayser Foundation, the Don Bosco youth organization and the IHK committee in Bamberg. Become an integration sponsor and help with the integration of young people in their new home.

interested in participating? All information in our info flyer [PDF_DOWNLOAD]