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Foundation Chance Jugend

That is the name of the 50th Don Bosco Foundation, which the Bamberg entrepreneur Heribert Trunk established on June 24, 2003. The aim of the initiative is primarily to support young people in preparing for a professional future.

For Trunk, the foundation is about three things: Opportunity for youth, Opportunity through youth, and Opportunity for youth. In particular, disoriented young people should be given a perspective. At the same time, however, the foundation wants to make people aware that young people are also an opportunity for the older generation, if not the only viable one for a stable and sustainable society. Thirdly, the name of the foundation appeals to young people to accept and use their opportunities themselves. It offers help for self-help without taking decisions and independent action away from the young people - this aspect is particularly important to the father of four, Heribert Trunk.

The driving force behind it

Heribert Trunk PaterBihlmayer 1920pxHeribert Trunk is a typical medium-sized entre­preneur. "Success obliges" is one of Trunk's princi­ples. The entre­preneur contri­butes his experi­ence to the bene­fit of society in numerous initiatives.

Young people are of particular concern to him. He not only actively uses his time and ideas for his corporate group BI-LOG Service Group GmbH in Bamberg, Upper Franconia, but also invests them in extensive social commitment.

In 2003, for example, Trunk founded the 50th Don Bosco Foundation Chance Jugend. "Our greatest opportunity lies in young people and their future."

Don Bosco

"Be happy, do good and let the sparrows whistle." Don Bosco

A religious community that now has more than 30,000 members worldwide appeals to Don Bosco, who died in Turin in 1888. Like Don Bosco, the community is concerned with active youth welfare that has lost none of its topicality and modernity.