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Chance Jugend supports school project in Cape Town

"Formal" check handover for the latest project of the Chance - Youth Foundation: 200,000 Rand should give young people from the slums around Cape Town opportunities for prospects.

Cost of transport to the Salesian Don Bosco school is a first insurmountable obstacle for these disadvantaged children! In the school, not only classical lessons are taught, but - typically Don Bosco - also practical skills!

  • With a youth unemployment rate of over 80%, this holistic approach is effective!
  • More than 70% of "these" young people have a perspective after school!
  • In addition to classic school lessons, there are:
    • workshops for wood and metal,
    • repair of vehicles,
    • mason,
    • Tiler,
    • computer courses,
    • Providing skills for shipping and fishing companies

But the library, which is currently under construction, is also a jewel, because books are very expensive and therefore difficult to access!


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