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Individual help: Bridge training in the Manege Berlin

Maya and Marc in the Manege Berlin: 

Don Bosco is very close to the people! This sentence applies to the founder of the order and it still applies today to the Salesians of Don Bosco and their employees in Germany and around the world. They help themselves and they help directly. In contrast to many other large aid organizations, donations and grants are not redistributed, but used for the young people in their own facilities. This becomes particularly clear in the case of individual case assistance, where donations and subsidies benefit individuals in need.

Last year, the Don Bosco Foundation Center received eight applications for individual help – totaling 100,000 euros. Since quick action was required, the Don Bosco Foundation decided to take on the funding itself. The Chance-Jugend Foundation comes from her and pays half of the necessary amount. Through this commitment, for example, two young people were able to start an apprenticeship in the Manege Berlin: Maya and Marc*.

Maya has a dream: First an apprenticeship in gastronomy and then work in a children's home or old people's home. But their applications were only rejected, on the one hand because of Corona, on the other hand because of hip problems. Although this has already been operated on, for a long time she will only stand and walk in pain. Physiotherapy and daily exercises are necessary.
The Chance-Jugend Foundation gave her a bridge training position in the circus ring – and then everything went smoothly. The manege therapist bought her a standing aid, provided physio training, supported her in all matters and gave her the attentive framework she needed. Suddenly a small restaurant was interested in Maya - she could switch to regular training! Maya now lives alone and sometimes visits the ring. Sister Margareta, the director of the arena, puts it in a nutshell with a laugh: “Maya went out. prognosis good.”

Marc also got a bridging training place through the Chance-Jugend Stiftung. He had no place of residence and therefore now lives in the Manege. His belongings fit into a cloth bag. He has already started two apprenticeships, both of which were terminated because of Corona because the companies had to close. What Marc needs now, no normal training company can provide: He needs talks, therapy, medical care, remedial classes. That's what's so special about the bridge training: It's not just training, but also therapy and living and psychology and lots of conversations. Unfortunately, bridge training is not part of the State Control Center. How many training places are there in the Manege? Always exactly as many as can be stationed, five at the moment.

“To get such feedback as a donor is just great. Everyone who supports my foundation will also be happy about this feedback. I wish Maya and Marc all the best on their way.” Founder Heribert Trunk

*Name changed

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