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Junior Soccer Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

AJAX-UNITED is a soccer team of young people between 11 and 14 years, located in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Chance Jugend supports this team with tricots and shirts.

Peter Maurer, the project leader who takes care of the Junior Soccer Plettenberg Bay, wrote to Heribert Trunk: “Soccer has become a mass sports activity and kind of a religion here like it already is in other places almost all over the world.

It became a straw in the rapid river of increasing poverty, which sounds quite dramatic, but it is just like that. Many children and young people here spend all of their free time on the dusty neighborhood streets dreaming of becoming a soccer-star one day. Motivation and fair play dwarf our German soccer league. This wonderful game is full of fire and passion – there is no difference if you watch 5 or 15 year old players, they all give their very best. Sports, and particularly soccer, supports social behavior and provides the children with a direction, hope, and security.”

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