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Strengthening the personal, social and professional skills of these young people is the central task of Schüler.Bilden.Zukunft. Supporting disadvantaged young people in their search for their place in the world of work and in society.

Clear the ring! "Schüler.Bilden.Zukunft" ... so that young people's lives succeed!

On 24 October 2013, a big gala evening took place in the Don Bosco Bamberg circus tent. The 135 participants enjoyed a 4-course meal in a fantastic setting with performances by the young people. It was an emotional evening with great impressions for everyone.

Christmas market at Don Bosco in Bamberg 2014

A beautiful location in the World Heritage city of Bamberg, which was given a special "spotlight" by the "Kronach Leuchtet" event team, was intended to give us all a little distance from the hustle and bustle and stress of our work in an oasis of calm. Especially in the darker months of the year, a warm glow of light conveys hope and a sense of security. We also want to give children and young people hope for their future by supporting the "Schüler.Bilden.Zukunft" project.

Christmas market at Don Bosco in Bamberg 2015

The "Kronach leuchtet" lighting team created a fantastic atmosphere. Direct contact with the young people, their student mentors and our integration mentors was made possible.

Project: Integration mentors
Young minors who have left their homeland and fled from hunger, war and persecution or natural disasters and arrived here are disadvantaged and at risk in many ways. These young people need special support. They need people in this country who take care of them and accompany them.

Christmas market at Don Bosco in Bamberg 2016

In the meantime, 60 sponsors have been recruited. In 2016, the Christmas market was organised with musical contributions from the young people. A girl from Aleppo performed a rap about a refugee story, a 14-year-old from Macedonia sang a song, an Afghan song was sung and finally everyone rehearsed a German Christmas carol for all the sponsors, donors and visitors at today's event

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