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Donation for the new ball pool

Feel yourself and feel good - a long-cherished wish comes true for the children of the curative education day care center...

Chance Jugend supports the Kinderhilfe SkF Bamberg e. V

Once Upon a time…. a few months ago when the curative education day care center grew. A new apartment with three rooms was added and the children and employees of the HPT suddenly had so much more space. A firework of ideas quickly erupted as to how we would like to use these rooms in the future. A room with a "sea of balls" was a favorite of the kids, but we also knew it wouldn't come cheap.

So we went in search of sponsors and met with an open ear from those responsible at the Chance Jugend Stiftung. They let themselves be convinced that it is a great experience, especially for children with ADHD problems, to feel themselves embedded in these balls. Bathing in balls is relaxing, and it's no secret that relaxed children learn more easily. Our new ball pit has a high stimulus character to play and stimulates the imagination of the players - from diving exercises to hide and seek and burying treasures, everything is played in the ball pit. It was also important to us to add an area in which value-free play - without winning, without effort, without "I want to be better" - is possible.

We would like to thank those responsible for the Chance Jugend Stiftung, who equipped our self-built pool with 10,000 colorful balls

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