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Don Bosco School of Life, Kapstadt

In Greater Cape Town, despite the region's relative prosperity, there is a large group of disadvantaged people because of unemployment and poverty. The number is increasing not least because of those who come to Cape Town in the hope of finding work but cannot find any. The situation is worst in the townships, the slums of Cape Town. Young people suffer the most from this hopelessness. The personality development and self-confidence of the young people are thereby significantly negatively influenced. This is accompanied by phenomena of marginalization such as increased alcohol and drug consumption, increasing violence and crime.

The Don Bosco School of Life program has existed since 1998 and has been continuously improved since then. The program is aimed at disadvantaged young people from the townships. They should be given a chance to find a way out of this vicious circle. With the help of targeted advice, education and the teaching of social skills, young people are reintegrated into society with great success. An evaluation of the program is carried out every year in order to further develop it.


24 disadvantaged male youths aged 16 to 24 from the townships of Cape Town are reintegrated into society and earn their own income.


The funding program includes a one-year training and motivational training course, which, in addition to specialist knowledge and basic professional knowledge, also imparts practical life skills and social skills. Another component is family counseling in order to lead the young people back to their families if possible. All receive accommodation, food and clothing. In order to simplify integration into the labor market, the Salesian Institute has an employment agency that has been working with great success for years.

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