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We support „House of Hope“ since 2012

“Chance Jugend” supports the South African organization House of Hope.

Since the beginning of House of Hope the main purpose has been to give at least one meal every day to the many poor children in Kranshoek.

Kranshoek is a neighborhood of Plettenberg Bay, populated by mainly colored and black persons, living in poverty, with alsmost no opportunities to work. The chance of taking care of thier own maintenance is correspondingly low, let alone being able to feed their children themselves. Any donations received by House of Hope will only benefit the children that House of Hope cares for.


When we started our activity we assisted about 30 children, but rapidly the number of children has grown and today are already more than 300 children receiving one meal a day. Neither the Republic of South Africa nor Plettenberg Bay has ever bothered in any way to do anything to resolve this issue.

So many families depend on our help and need our support. The House of Hope staff prepares the meals on site and today our small kitchen is able to successfully deal with the continuously increasing logistic problems and to solve the organizational problems with courage and determination. We know the anagraphic data of our little guests, we know their names, we know their environment and we also know their needs. This is to control the help is given exclusively to the really poor children

At Christmas 2010 House of Hope organized a special dinner: 310 children could attend (in 2009 there were 200).


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