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St. Josephs Home - Adopt a Bed for one year

Woldwide, vulnerable children are the involuntary victims of political injustices, poverty, malnutrition and dysfunctional family structures. Many of these children are not supported by the system and disappear without given a fair chance in life. Poverty traps children in a cycle of hopelessness and despair where they find themselves literally fighting to stay alive each day. In fact each year, child poverty kills more than 10 million children before they reach the age of five. South Africa has been mentioned as one of the countries in the world which reflects the largest disparity between rich and poor.

St Joseph’s Home (SJH) for Chronically Ill Children is a registered non-profit organization and one of the proud South African pioneers in paediatric intermediate health care. The holistic and unique model of service includes:  24 hour specialised and general nursing care, and multi-disciplinary interventions like rehabilitation (physio-, occupational- and speech therapy) social work support, on site school education, parental empowerment, specialised nutrition, logistical support, training of accredited auxiliary nurses (nursing school), pastoral care, outreach and follow-up visits and volunteer placement programmes. At St Joseph’s more than 300 vulnerable children each year receive a second chance at childhood, empowering them on their journey to better health, hope and wellness.

Creating Holistic Health and Wellness for Vulnerable Children:

  • Contributing meaningfully to people and the planet by uplifting and improving the wellbeing of the communities where we operate in order to advance the sustainability of communities;
  • Giving a child a second chance at childhood (adopt a bed); and

Creating sustainability by re-integrating the child back into community as an active citizen and not as a burden


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