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Don Bosco Jugendwerk, Projekt Zahltag

Zahltag supports young people in difficult life situations every day to take control of their life, again. Having no job, no school qualifications, no permanent residence or debts are just some of the problems that make such a situation seem hopeless. Excluded from the working environment, often condemned by society they are more than just unemployed - they have no prospects.

The participants get help to find their way back into a structured everyday life, learn new skills, gain courage and take a step forward with our help.

The project is geared towards personal development, i.e. the young people can use the project to prepare themselves for a life in the working world. Positive experiences at work (e.g. on the Chance Jugend ferry service in Bamberg) and the feeling of creating and achieving something are first experiences that give the young people courage and motivation. This allows them to reorient themselves and, with the support of an experienced educator, find their way into the job and training market.

Young people learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Getting to know yourself builds self-confidence and encourages them to take care of their problems. In addition to a professional perspective, this enables to develop own ideas for a successful future.
Even after they have been placed in an apprenticeship or an internship, the door to the “Zahltag” project is open to the young people and they can ask the educators for help if they have any questions or problems.

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